You're flipping through Facebook when you notice a totally gorgeous pair of Fluevogs.


they’re on sale.


How do they always seem to know exactly what you want? Are they like, in your head?

Okay, we all know Facebook are the top of targeted promotion.

It’s time you got on that bandwagon, baby!

Introducing Perfect Promos.

The perfect way to increase your promo arsenal and target your ideal audience for maximum profit potential!


After working together you’ll:

  • Have all the promos you need to tantalise and target your audience without coming across as sleazy or second-hand car salesman-ish
  • Have a suite of perfectly executed promotional items you’ll be proud to show off
  • Have the means to get yourself out there in style so you can snatch those sales!

Investment: $599



I LOVE this! You have no idea how nice it is to have someone helping me that actually knows what they are doing.

~ Quinn Buchanan | Owner - Phoenix Books

quinn b_alt

What Your Package Includes:

  • Custom business card in the style of your choice

We’re going to get your name out there in style! Be it a bookmark, coaster, emery board, USB stick… whatever suits your business to get you out there in style and in front of your audience in the best possible way.

  • Printables

1x postcard and 2x printables e.g., a poster & an advert or book stall stand, to get you standing out and showing the world exactly who you are and what you’ve got to offer.

OR (instead of postcards & printables)

  • 1 custom logo stamp

Stamp your mark in style all over your shizzle so everyone knows what’s what! Of course, you’ll need a logo for this one 😊


3 spots left for Spring 2018

Investment: $599



Helen is creative, knowledgeable, and dedicated. She knows her stuff. I highly recommend her.

~ Kelly Charron | Author of Pretty Wicked

Kelly Charron author of Pretty Wicked

How it Works

Quick Q

Click (here) and fill out the quick questionnaire so I can get to know you better. You’ll hear from me soon after.


Coffee Consult time!

If we’re a good match, we’ll book a Zoom chat to go over your goals and needs. If you've never used Zoom before, don’t fret. You just need access to a computer with a camera or a smartphone.


Let’s Get Cracking!

I’ll whizz you everything we need to get going— contract, invoice and info. on getting started and you’ll send them back via our shared portal (I’ll send you the deets ahead of time).


Working Ma Magic

I’ll work up all the various components and pop them into our shared portal. You can then let me know if there are any changes to make and I’ll get them done lickety split.


All Set!

Your promos are ready to go! Whoo-hoo!


3 spots left for Spring 2018

Investment: $599



Helen is SO EASY to work with! So patient! She designed a bookmark business card for me and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

~Jenn Sights | Author of the Elena Ronen, PI urban fantasy trilogy

Jenn Sights author coach




This is for:

👉 Creative business peeps who have been in biz for more than a year and are making money i.e., this isn’t a hobby.

👉 Peeps who understand the importance of good design.

👉 Peeps who have goals, plans and a way forward for their biz and are looking for an extra bit of targeted promotion.

👉 Tech savvy peeps – we’re going to be working online (files, payments etc.) so you’ll need to be comfortable with this type of system with minimal assistance.

This is NOT for:

👉 Peeps who have been in business for less than a year and / or aren’t making money in their biz.

👉 Non-creative-based businesses e.g., finance, fitness, bloggers, real estate, religious / spiritual, mompreneurs etc. I absolutely appreciate what you’re doing! I’m just not the best person for you.

👉 Peeps looking for a virtual assistant. Although I'll manage our design workflow, I'm a designer not your assistant. I'll need you to complete your assigned tasks and get back to me with feedback, in a timely manner, to ensure a smooth design process.







I loved the time that Helen spent walking me through the process of developing my brand and ensuring that I stayed on target with the message/look/feel I was trying to convey. I knew I was in the hands of a professional who could balance design with professionalism to get me the product I wanted. 

~Eileen Cook | Author of With Malice

eileen cook author of with malice

So, you ready?

3 spots left for Spring 2018

Investment: $599

Only need a business card?

No problem!

Prices start at $199

me side facing front




Who am I?


Hey! I'm Helen. I'm a graphic designer based near Vancouver, British Columbia. I combine extensive project management experience with over 15 years in design to help you stand up, stand out and shine.

From authors to small business owners, my clients all have one thing in common—kickass creativity that deserves to be showcased.

And so do you.


It’s your time to shine.


Perfect Your Promos Today!

3 spots left for Spring 2018

Investment: $599