You+Me =

15+ years’ experience, BA Design & Applied Arts, MSc in Business

+ 100s of items in print & online.


Hi, I’m Helen—design wizard and word nerd.

I believe in the power of kickass custom design because I’ve seen it in action.

I work with busy peeps like you to help get you and your shizzle out into the world in the best possible way.


By producing kickass custom branding and designs that get you noticed.

Those stats up there aren’t just make-believe. And they’re what deliver real results for real clients time after time. You can read more about that right here. (link to praise page)

The fact is, you’ve spent hours perfecting your craft, maybe even years. It’s time your audience started noticing who you are, what you can do and sharing it—with everyone.

But they can only do that if they have something to share.

That’s where I come in.

Most designers will start with your logo, colours and fonts – I’ll start with you. We’ll dig into your audience, your creations and your goals. Then, when we’ve got everything we need, we’ll build you a solid brand with well-executed custom designs, so you can market yourself with purpose, so everyone knows your name. Even JK.





Fast, talented & amazing. I’d be lost without you, Helen! #wortheverypenny

~ Kelly Charron | Author of Pretty Wicked

Kelly Charron author of Pretty Wicked
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Selection of Works

bowen island tshirt

Map Tee

Map of Bowen Island on a custom tee


canada framed picture only

Canada Mountains

Black & White framed Canadian Mountain custom print

ec stamp photo

EC Custom Stamp

Custom Stamp designed using previous full author branding project

phoenix bookmarks photo

Phoenix Bookmarks

Double-sided custom branded bookmarks for Phoenix Books

greetings cards

Greetings Cards

Cute custom greetings cards


ec logo

EC Logo

Custom logo from full author branding project

phoenix logo

Phoenix Books Logo

Custom logo from full branding project for Phoenix Books

raincloud cushion

Rain Cloud Cushion

Custom rain cloud cushion




I LOVE this! You have no idea how nice it is to have someone helping me that actually knows what they are doing. 🙂 

~ Quinn Buchanan | Phoenix Books

quinn b_alt